The Modern Difference

Cake Out Reinvents the Cupcake

Cake OutTM created a better cupcake by taking the traditional form which hasn't changed much for centuries and redesigned it to meet the standards we expect today.

Cake OutTM modernized the cupcake with 6 layers of cake, filling & frosting embodied in a Chinese take-out box and made to eat with a spoon.  The carefully constructed layers create a balanced bite in every spoonful.  The only instructions are to "DIG DEEP" and it will change the way you experience a cupcake forever.

Located on coastal Cape Cod, Massachusetts - Cake OutTM is an in the box product, an out of the box company.  It was created for the adult, the foodie, the dessert connoisseur, the food enthusiast looking to indulge their sophisticated palate in a unique way while still capturing the essence of tradition. 

Cake Outs are the perfect gift for any occasion and are shipped nationwide FRESH!  Never feel silly again eating a traditional cupcake at an event because with this sophisticated, yet still fun packaging, you can indulge without the mess. Cake Outs can be customized with personalized messages, logos, and pictures.  From event favors to wedding Save-the-Dates, a large corporate event or an intimate personal occasion, Cake OutTM will always make it unique!


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