National Peanut Month

Did you know that March is national peanut month?  With the Saucy Peanut Cake Out being one of our most popular flavors, it would almost be a crime for me not to know that!  This is a fun topic for me because I LOVE peanuts!  Actually I love all varieties of nuts and believe they all should be celebrated.  They are not only delicious, but so healthy for you and every kind is like a little vault filled with coveted nutrients.  Here are some of my personal favorite nut products.

Since this month is all about peanuts I have to start with my absolute favorite peanut butter on the market.  Whole Foods creates a “honey roasted peanut butter” and it is the most delicious spread out there in my opinion!  Not only does it taste amazing with a full bodied peanut flavor accented with floral notes from the honey, but the texture is just right.  With a slight crunch created by the nuts and the cane sugar that is visually on the nuts before you churn them into butter.  Yes you heard me right!  They have those fun peanut butter machines where it turns into peanut butter right in front of your eyes, its nutz! 

Okay so along with loving nuts, I am also a complete chocoholic, but that is for another blog.  I have to mention that though because it plays an important role in the next amazing product that I may be a little addicted to.  Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter blend is seriously out of this world! Justin explains it best himself on the packaging.  “Do you eat cake frosting for breakfast?  I didn’t think so.  Neither do I.  Yet some chocolate hazelnut butters have more sugar than cake frosting.  Really.  You can check.  I’ll wait…..see?  So this is a warning that my chocolate hazelnut butter may not taste like what you’re used to; sugar.  What it will taste like is a delicious combination of the premium hazelnuts and homemade chocolate for an addictive, skip the bread and eat it with a spoon delicacy.”  Oh he is soooo right!  I take a small spoonful at a time, roll it into a ball, and eat it like a truffle.  It is possible to do this because of the amazing texture that is not oily at all.  Just-in love!

Butters are great but the raw ingredient is just as good on its own.  Like I said before I love them all and I can’t really say I have a favorite one so I will just share a couple with you .  First I love, love, love Marcona almonds.  They're shorter and flatter than California almonds, with a distinctive flavor and a light, crunchy texture.  They can be a little hard to find, but once in a while I see them at Trader Joe’s and I snag them up fast.  I have seen them in other natural foods stores here and there, but like I said they are not always available so get them when you see them.  I also love macadamia nuts.  They are so creamy and upon the first bite they always make me think of Hawaii.  I love to give them a rough chop and blend them with raw shredded coconut (not the sweetened stuff you find in the grocery store) and finely chopped pieces of dark chocolate.  But most of all I just like to eat them plain.

Well I hope I inspired you to try a few new nut brands and at the very least give a little applause to the peanut this month.  Happy National Peanut Month!