March 8th, at 9:24am
Created by tmyers
Did you know that March is national peanut month?  With the Saucy Peanut Cake Out being one of our most popular flavors, it would almost be a crime for me not to know that!  This is a fun topic for me because I LOVE peanuts!  Actually I love all varieties of nuts and believe they all should be celebrated.  They are not only delicious, but so healthy for you and every kind is like a little vault filled with coveted nutrients.  Here are some of my personal favorite nut products. Since this month is all about peanuts I have to start with my absolute favorite... Read more
February 28th, at 9:04am
Created by tmyers
Welcome to Cake Out's new blog!  Our founder Tania Myers will be posting spoonfuls of information from Cake Out news, to recipes that pair great with our modern cupcakes to cool new companies that we all love here at Cake Out and contests that we will be having!  Also, once a month you will see posts from our Cake Out Designer with new tips and ideas to add to your upcoming event.  So much to look forward too so keep an eye out.  If you have questions or ideas that you would like Tania to post about, email us at  We will keep you posted... Read more
February 25th, at 12:53pm
Created by tmyers
Cake Out blog coming soon!